Luxueux Chartreux by Dawn Varney
Wichita, Kansas

Dr Dawn Varney has been raising gorgeous Chartreux in loving and caring surrounding  for a long time now. She is an experienced breeder who has American lines as well as lines crossed  with a female coming from a well-known member of le Club du Chartreux in France resulting in 1/2 American and 1/2 French line healthy kittens. The result is that Luxueux Chartreux can exhibit either American Chartreux type characteristics or Europeans type depending on their parents making Dawn a very special breeder in US. But most importantly  this international cross-breeding decreases the in-breeding of the Chartreux in US and therefore helps ensure the health of the breed in the future. Her cattery can be found at: Luxueux Chartreux. I also encourage you to visit her site to read the natural history of Chartreux at the every least as it has been written in a extremely short and interesting way.
Finally Dawn was in charge of the National Chartreux Rescue and Referral program that helps place Chartreux in urgent need of loving owners. This can be found at:

In case you haven't understood yet, my first generation Chartreux have been raised by Dawn!

Here are a few pictures of Dawn darlings: