The American Lines...

These pages are dedicated to the American Chartreux breeders and their lines.

This is possible solely with the incredible help of the American breeders who did their very best providing pictures of their cats.

All pictures are published with permission of the owner. Information about the breeders are provided by the breeder. Feel free to contact them directly.

I encourage you to take a look at sites on both side of the Atlantic and check the differences.



American Chartreux Breeders

Luxueux Chartreux by Dawn Varney the breeder of Vous-Doux and Timber
Chanson Bleu by Judith Belden
Forever-Moor  by Barbara, mostly European lines in US.
Cliquot owners- Bryce and Michelle
by Travis Black
by Linda and Don
Lenny by Jeni

Happy Owners
Linda & Don

American Chartreux in "short"

Size - smaller female smaller than male
Paws - medium and rose-taupe
Eye - round
Nose - slight stop at eye level
Ears - narrower-set
Whisker pads - less puffy, giving a more tapered muzzle

American Chartreux: