French Chartreux.

These pages are dedicated to the French Chartreux breeders and their lines.

This is possible solely with the incredible help of the French breeders who did their very best providing pictures of their cats.

All pictures are published with permission of the owner. Information about the breeders are provided by the breeder. Feel free to contact them directly.

We hope that all these links will encourage you to visit the breeders in France and appreciate the original morphotype of the Chartreux



Luxueux Chartreux Timber - male neutred.


Chartreux Breeders 1

Vallee des Eaux Claires (Herve Besson)
Les Chats Bleus (Sophie Foucher)
Chatterie de la Haute Lay - Les felins bleus (Marie-Eve)
Bleu Ronron (Liza)
L'etoile du Soir (Peter)
Bleu-Royal (Elise de Guerny)
Riviere de Topaze (Magali)
L'onde Bleue (Griselda de Verneuil)

Chartreux Breeders  2

Bont en Blauw (Femke & Bas)
Bleu Melody (Susan & Benedek)
WhatsNewPussyCoon (Patricia)
Trois Sultannes (Corinne)
Azul Preciado Chartreux (Alicia)
Chats de France (Denis)

French Chartreux:

Size - large
Female smaller than male
Paws - large and rose-taupe
Eyes - slanted upward at the outer edge
Nose - straight no stop
Ears - wider-set
Whisker pads - puffy